2019-05-30 Justin NickelsburgAdd QP parallelization to rd_collect for daala.
2019-05-30 Justin NickelsburgAdd QP parallelization to rd_collect for rav1e.
2019-05-29 Ethan QuillAllow EXTRA_OPTS to override --cpu-used for aom.
2019-05-29 Justin NickelsburgAdding support for SVT-AV1 to daala tools.
2019-05-29 Justin NickelsburgAdding support for rav1e to daala tools.
2018-01-09 Tristan Matthewsencode: fix read of uninitialized target_bitrate value
2017-06-16 Danesh Darouidump_video: Empty video files will not be dumped.
2017-06-16 Danesh Darouidaala_decode_img_out: NULL pointer check
2017-06-08 Luc TrudeauAdd EXTRA_OPTIONS to rd_collect_aom
2017-06-07 Luc TrudeauError handling for missing CIEDE dependencies
2017-06-06 Nathan E. EggeAdd quotes $@ in rd_collect.sh script.
2017-06-06 Nathan E. EggeSupport av1-rt in rd_collect.sh using AWCY params.
2017-06-06 Nathan E. EggeRemove support for vp10 from rd_collect.sh scripts.
2017-06-06 Luc TrudeauAdd option to output results in AWCY format.
2017-06-05 Luc TrudeauAdd support for CIEDE2000 in rd tools
2017-06-05 Nathan E. EggeUse the same rd_collect parameters as AWCY for AV1.
2017-04-24 Timothy B.... Update the coding tools draft.
2017-03-24 Tristan Matthewsci: only do make check for travis builds
2017-03-23 Tristan Matthewsci: only depend on check for travis builds
2017-03-23 Tristan Matthewsci: add initial travis configuration file
2017-03-23 Tristan Matthewsencode: minor refactoring
2017-03-07 Luc TrudeauMerging robust and nodesync
2017-02-23 Nathan E. EggeUse same rd_collect data poits as AWCY for AV1.
2017-01-18 Jean-Marc ValinGetting rid of the DCT in od_compute_dist_8x8()
2017-01-11 ltrudeauSimplified clipping skip to 1
2016-12-20 ltrudeauAdds comment to explain nb_coeff in CfL
2016-12-16 Tristan Matthewspvq: skip gshift calculation in float pvq case
2016-12-15 Timothy B.... Eliminate a sqrt in od_compute_dist_8x8().
2016-12-08 David Michael... pvq_encoder: tune delta_rate for k=1
2016-12-08 David Michael... Fully order the pvq search candidates
2016-11-30 ltrudeauWrong offset for the red difference plane in CIEDE
2016-11-29 Tristan Matthewsencoder_example: fail earlier on invalid picture size
2016-11-22 Thomas DaedeAdd tools/y4m2yuv.c.
2016-11-22 David Michael... tools: Add 444, 444p10 support to dump_ciede2000.py
2016-11-16 Tristan Matthewspvq: fix artificial chroma boost with --enable-float-pvq
2016-11-15 Tristan Matthewspvq: cosmetics: drop OD_ROUND32 where it is a noop
2016-11-15 Tristan Matthewspvq: in float pvq case, mag must default to 1.0
2016-11-13 Nathan E. EggeConvert daala rd_collect script to use dump_video.
2016-11-09 Thomas DaedeDon't mutate stride when downsampling in msssim.
2016-11-09 Tristan Matthewspvq: fix typo
2016-11-01 Nathan E. EggeUpdating codingtools draft to -01.
2016-10-28 Timothy B.... Define UINT64_C when needed.
2016-10-12 Nathan E. EggeUse OD_ILOG_NZ() in OD_DIVU_SMALL().
2016-10-12 Thomas DaedeMake ciede2000.py work with both Python 2 and 3.
2016-10-08 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert od_init_qm to int
2016-10-06 David Michael... tools: Add 420p10 support to dump_ciede2000.py
2016-09-20 Tristan Matthewsdump_video: fix yuv420p10 output
2016-09-20 Tristan Matthewsdump_video: fix yuv444p10 output
2016-09-19 Danesh DarouiEnable --fpr by default on high bit depth input.
2016-09-09 Nathan E. EggeRemove redundant test in od_ec_decode_bool_q15().
2016-08-26 Tristan Matthewspvq: use small LUT for integer sqrt((n+3)/2) sqrt(...
2016-08-26 Tristan Matthewspvq: use od_beta_rcp in od_gain_compand
2016-08-25 Tristan Matthewspvq: use od_rcp_beta in od_compute_k
2016-08-24 Tristan Matthewspvq: use od_rcp_beta in od_compute_max_theta
2016-08-23 Jean-Marc ValinDon't bother with the RDO search if we can't beat the...
2016-08-23 Jean-Marc Valinskipping the search when there's no new pulses to add
2016-08-23 Jean-Marc ValinSorting theta search so that we can use "induction...
2016-08-23 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ search induction: refine the lower-K search rather...
2016-08-23 Jean-Marc ValinImproving rate approximation
2016-08-23 Jean-Marc ValinFirst PVQ optimization: using the od_pvq_rate() approxi...
2016-08-23 Tristan Matthewspvq: use int beta in od_pow
2016-08-19 Tristan Matthewspvq: keep beta int until used in computation
2016-08-19 Thomas DaedeAdd set parameter to submit_awcy.py.
2016-08-19 Tristan Matthewspvq: fix documentation
2016-08-19 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert beta tables to int
2016-08-18 Tristan Matthewsdecode: avoid redundant QM initialization
2016-08-18 Tristan Matthewspvq: use od_log2 int approximation
2016-08-18 Nathan E. EggeClean up EC tell() and tell_frac() functions.
2016-08-17 Tristan Matthewspvq: use approximation for od_rcp
2016-08-17 Tristan Matthewsrate: fix -Wshift-negative-value
2016-08-16 Guillaume Martresto_monochrome: add --plane option to preserve other...
2016-08-11 Tristan Matthewspvq: fix build for OD_FLOAT_PVQ
2016-08-11 Tristan Matthewspvq: fixed-point od_apply_householder
2016-08-11 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert compute_theta to fixed
2016-08-10 Thomas DaedeReduce RAM usage of dcttest by converting basis storage...
2016-08-04 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert double constant to int
2016-08-03 Tristan Matthewsodintrin: reuse shift macros
2016-08-01 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert od_log2 to int16_t input
2016-08-01 Tristan Matthewspvq: use integer approximation for exp2
2016-07-28 Tristan MatthewsRevert "clang-ioc.sh: fix deprecation warning"
2016-07-28 Nathan E. EggeAdd support for reading 444p10 y4m files.
2016-07-28 Tristan Matthewsclang-ioc.sh: fix deprecation warning
2016-07-27 Tristan Matthewspvq: change shift to multiply for clarity
2016-07-27 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert compute_max_theta to fixed (aside from...
2016-07-26 Thomas DaedeFix compilation of dump_fastssim.
2016-07-26 Thomas DaedeAdd high bit depth support to dump_msssim.
2016-07-26 Thomas DaedeAdd high bit depth support to dump_fastssim.
2016-07-26 Thomas DaedeAdd high bit depth support to dump_psnrhvs.
2016-07-26 Thomas DaedeAdd high bit depth support to dump_ssim.
2016-07-25 Thomas DaedeAdd high bit depth support to dump_psnr.
2016-07-25 Nathan E. EggeRemove tabs.
2016-07-25 Nathan E. EggeFix broken y4m reader when bit depth > 8.
2016-07-21 Tristan Matthewspvq: use od_sqrt in od_pvq_compute_gain
2016-07-21 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert !noref branch of od_compute_k to integer
2016-07-20 Tristan Matthewspvq: convert 1st part of compute_k to integer (aside...
2016-07-20 Tristan Matthewspvq_decoder: fix overflow for float-pvq
2016-07-20 Tristan Matthewspvq: fix return type for od_sqrt
2016-07-18 Tristan Matthewspvq: avoid double division in od_gain_compand
2016-07-15 Nathan E. EggeRemove compiler warnings with --enable-float-pvq.
2016-07-15 Tristan Matthewsyuvjpeg: fix NULL dereference on invalid format string