Remove support for vp10 from scripts.
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2017-06-06 Nathan E. EggeRemove support for vp10 from scripts.
2017-06-05 Luc TrudeauAdd support for CIEDE2000 in rd tools
2016-04-13 Nathan E. EggeAdd vp10 support to rd_collect tool.
2016-04-13 Nathan E. EggeSplit rd_collect quality parameters for vp8 and vp9.
2016-04-13 Nathan E. EggeUse ivf format with libvpx codecs.
2015-07-27 Jack MoffittMiscellaneous tools fixes for OS X compatibility.
2014-06-13 Sam LaaneAdding support for theora to
2014-06-10 Nathan E. EggeFixing rd_collect to work on video files.
2014-06-02 Nathan E. EggeRefactored rd_collect metrics framework.