Include <math.h> for M_PI.
[daala.git] / src / pvq.c
2013-05-27 Ralph GilesInclude <math.h> for M_PI.
2013-05-27 Nick Desaulniersfix merge conflicts
2013-05-27 Jean-Marc ValinFix some warnings
2013-05-27 EKRFix smart quotes in copyright
2013-05-27 Gregory MaxwellRough bitstream decoder.
2013-03-21 Jean-Marc ValinDeletes old PVQ adaptation code
2013-03-18 Jean-Marc ValinUpdates quant_pvq_theta() with the latest changes in...
2013-01-16 Jean-Marc ValinAdds RDO to the scalar quantizer
2012-11-05 Timothy B. TerriberryRelicense everything as 2-clause BSD.
2012-10-01 Jean-Marc ValinMakes y[m] positive when prediction is good (saves...
2012-09-28 Jean-Marc ValinRDO cleanup. Fixes some of the rate costs in the PVQ...
2012-08-04 Jean-Marc Valinreplaced qsort() with O(N) search, RDO code on with...
2012-08-04 Jean-Marc ValinRDO search for PVQ (disabled by default for now)
2012-08-01 Jean-Marc ValinTuning of the PVQ RDO and computation of K
2012-07-06 Jean-Marc ValinSome comments for PVQ quantization code
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellAdd a couple trivial asserts to pvq.c to help static...
2012-06-17 Jean-Marc Valinmake derf happy
2012-06-17 Timothy B. TerriberryVarious code cleanups and warning fixes.
2012-06-08 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ should work for intra prediction blocks
2012-06-06 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a PVQ encoder for the no-reference case
2012-04-12 Jean-Marc ValinAdds copyright notices to pvq files (no code changes)
2012-04-10 Jean-Marc ValinAdds RDO to both PVQ schemes
2012-03-30 Jean-Marc ValinNew "old PVQ" code with no theta and an implicit number...
2012-03-19 Jean-Marc ValinNew PVQ quantizer code
2012-03-01 Jean-Marc ValinImplements (as an option) the same quantization scaling...
2012-03-01 Jean-Marc ValinImplements quantization scaling for PVQ.
2012-02-29 Jean-Marc ValinAlgebraic simplifications to avoid unnecessary rescalin...
2012-02-29 Jean-Marc Valinquant_pvq() now takes an array instead of a matrix
2012-02-28 Jean-Marc ValinInitial version of the PVQ quantizer