Fix CIEDE script for high bit depth
[daala.git] / include /
2016-10-28 Timothy B. TerriberryDefine UINT64_C when needed.
2016-05-12 Monty MontgomeryAdd API hooks for rate control
2016-01-12 Vittorio GiovaraRename od_img to daala_image
2016-01-06 Nathan E. EggeAdded an input_queue to cache input frames.
2015-12-18 Michael BebenitaAdd fpr flag.
2015-12-08 yushin First part of bidirectional prediction (i.e. B...
2015-11-13 Vittorio GiovaraDrop verbs from encoder ctl macros
2015-10-21 Tristan Matthewsdoc: fix parameter name warnings
2015-10-20 Tristan Matthewsinfo: add doc for timing API
2015-10-20 Vittorio GiovaraUse daala_packet instead of separate arguments
2015-10-20 Vittorio GiovaraRemove a return value from daala_packet_iskeyframe()
2015-10-19 Vittorio GiovaraRename daala_decode_alloc() to daala_decode_create()
2015-10-19 Vittorio GiovaraDocument that applications should free comments
2015-10-13 Nathan E. EggeAdd deringing flag visualization to analyzer.
2015-10-06 Monty MontgomeryExtend od_img to high-depth support, add parsing to...
2015-09-26 Tristan Matthewsdoc: fix Doxygen warnings
2015-09-26 Luca BarbatoRemove ogg_packet from daala
2015-09-20 Edward WangAdd an option to disable the dering filter.
2015-08-05 Jean-Marc ValinNew accounting framework in the decoder
2015-07-09 Ian KronquistRemove dependency on libogg for core daala
2015-06-09 Tristan Matthewsencode: make SATD configurable at runtime
2015-05-21 Tristan MatthewsSignal in bitstream which QM is in use
2015-05-12 Tristan MatthewsSignal in bitstream if activity masking is in use
2015-05-11 Thomas DaedeAdd DECCTL to get the motion compensated image.
2015-04-03 Jean-Marc ValinNo need to declare functions as extern
2015-04-01 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd a complexity encoder ctl.
2015-03-29 Tristan Matthewsdaaladec: fix typo in documentation
2015-03-27 Jack MoffittChange daala_decode_header_in to simplify usage. return-headers-remaining
2015-03-21 Suhas NandakumarIssue 32 Fix
2015-03-18 Thomas DaedeAdd DECCTLs for retrieving the MV grid.
2015-03-05 Nathan E. EggeAdding decctl to extract per band flags.
2015-02-28 Nathan E. EggeAdding decctl to extract the block size array.
2014-08-25 Steinar MidtskogenAdded patchlevel in OD_GNUC_PREREQ and removed redefini...
2014-08-20 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd public API to test for header or keyframe packets.
2014-08-18 Guillaume MartresAdd runtime configuration of motion compensation search...
2013-12-04 Martin OlssonFix a few typos in design doc and source comments
2013-06-21 Timothy B. TerriberryMake the logging initialization API public.
2013-06-09 Monty MontgomeryMerge branch 'master' of
2013-06-09 RonFix whitespace damage
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'master' into bbritain
2013-05-31 Ralph GilesAdd an OD_SET_QUANT ctl and call it from encoder_example.
2013-05-31 Ralph GilesAdd an OD_SUCCESS return code.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesClean up some of the doxygen comments.
2013-05-30 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd header decoding support.
2013-05-30 Jack MoffittImplement packet decoding.
2013-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinMerge remote-tracking branch 'jack/autofixes'
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittMake is now non-recursive.
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittRemove picture rectangle.
2013-05-28 Jean-Marc ValinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-05-28 Cullen JenningsMerge branch 'master' into cj-mc1
2013-05-28 Cullen JenningsMerge branch 'master' into cj-mc1
2013-05-28 Cullen Jenningsextent CLI to set keyfram-rate
2013-05-28 Cullen JenningsMerge branch 'master' into cj-mc1
2013-05-28 Nathan E. EggeRenaming daala_encode_alloc() to daala_encode_create().
2013-05-28 Cullen Jenningssolved merge conflicts
2013-05-28 David SchleefAdd autotools build system
2013-05-27 Cullen Jenningsfix comment style
2013-05-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes comments from previous commmit
2013-05-27 Cullen Jenningsadd a few comments to header files to help explain...
2013-05-27 Gregory MaxwellRough bitstream decoder.
2013-05-26 Timothy B. TerriberryReformatting code to new style: include/daala
2013-01-17 Ralph GilesConvert remaining __GNUC_PREREQ to OD_GNUC_PREREQ macros.
2012-11-23 Timothy B. TerriberryReduce pollution of public headers.
2012-11-23 Timothy B. TerriberryWrite a real comment header.
2012-11-21 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd a hard maximum on the number of image planes.
2012-11-05 Timothy B. TerriberryRelicense everything as 2-clause BSD.
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellGCC annotations to warn on misuse of the rangecoder...
2012-06-26 Timothy B. TerriberryFix some signedness warnings.
2012-02-22 Ralph GilesDefine __GNUC_PREREQ if the compiler doesn't.
2012-02-22 Ralph GilesUpdate the copyright header with appropriate date ranges.
2012-02-22 Ralph GilesAdd a GNU GPLv2+ copyright header to each source file.
2012-02-22 Ralph GilesInitial import of Timothy Terriberry's daala-exp code.