Add QP parallelization to rd_collect for libaom.
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2017-04-24 Timothy B. TerriberryUpdate the coding tools draft.
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2016-03-21 Jean-Marc ValinDeringing draft update
2015-11-24 Tristan Matthewsdoc: add clang to list of compilers
2015-11-09 Jean-Marc Valinadd missing figure for deringing doc
2015-11-05 Jean-Marc ValinFixing some figures
2015-11-05 Jean-Marc ValinMore figures (from IETF presentation) in the deringing...
2015-10-27 Nathan E. EggeAdd -00 version of Chroma-from-Luma draft.
2015-10-19 Jean-Marc ValinAddressing comments on deringing docs
2015-10-19 Jean-Marc Valinietf draft describing the deringing filter
2015-10-16 Mark Harrisdering doc update
2015-10-10 Jean-Marc Valinderinging doc update
2015-09-25 Jean-Marc ValinAdding some doc on the deringing filter
2015-08-11 Timothy B. TerriberryConvert codingtools draft to a WG draft.
2015-07-10 Jean-Marc Valinanother intra paint update
2015-07-09 Jean-Marc ValinMore figures in intra paint doc
2015-07-08 Jean-Marc Valinintra paint doc wip
2015-07-08 Jean-Marc Valinintra paint doc update
2015-07-07 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd -00 version of obmc draft.
2015-07-07 Jean-Marc ValinAddresing Mark's comments on l1tw draft
2015-07-07 Jean-Marc ValinIntra paint doc update, l1tw draft update for -01
2015-07-06 Nathan E. EggeSubmitted -00 version of tdlt draft.
2015-07-06 Jean-Marc Valinsubmitted -00 version of l1tw draft
2015-07-06 Jean-Marc ValinAddressing Tristan's comments on the L1TW draft
2015-07-06 Jean-Marc ValinSome documentation on intra paint/deringing
2015-07-05 Jean-Marc ValinIETF draft on screensharing and Haar L1TW
2015-06-09 Jean-Marc Valinrenamed draft for netvc WG
2015-04-30 Jean-Marc Valintheoretical results for MC
2015-04-28 MisterZeusFormatting-only fix: removes surplus newlines.
2015-03-10 Nathan E. EggeUpdate the lapped transform draft.
2015-03-09 Timothy B. TerriberryUpdate the coding-tools draft.
2015-03-09 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ draft update
2014-09-12 Jean-Marc ValinDC RDO using the actual skip probabilities
2014-09-09 Tristan Matthewsdoc: fix pdf generation
2014-08-13 Timothy B. TerriberryFix a typo in the mesh decimation description.
2014-07-04 Timothy B. TerriberryCoding tools draft update, r=jmspeex
2014-07-04 Jean-Marc ValinMinor fixes to draft and pvq_encoding doc
2014-07-04 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ draft update for the PVQ rewrite
2014-06-19 Jean-Marc ValinDoc: intra prob equation was flipped
2014-06-14 Jean-Marc ValinDoc update
2014-04-18 Jean-Marc ValinBetter tuning of K as a function of N
2014-04-09 Jean-Marc ValinAddressing most comments on issues 218, 220, 221, 222...
2014-03-28 Jean-Marc ValinFixes some PVQ math.
2014-03-12 Jean-Marc ValinTaking activity masking parameter into accound for...
2014-02-24 Jean-Marc ValinMinor updates to the theoretical docs
2014-02-19 Jean-Marc ValinDubious derivation for quantization distortion using...
2013-12-04 Martin OlssonFix a few typos in design doc and source comments
2013-11-05 Jean-Marc ValinUpdated version of the PVQ doc (now 33% less wrong)
2013-10-09 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ: moves synthesis part of pvq_theta() to pvq_synthesis()
2013-10-09 Jean-Marc ValinFixes sign errors in the PVQ theoretical calculations
2013-10-07 Jean-Marc ValinMoar doubt -- now illustrated
2013-10-07 Jean-Marc Valinmore dubious theoretical results
2013-08-07 Jean-Marc Valindoc: Theoretical distortion for scalar quantization
2013-07-24 Jean-Marc ValinMore dubious theoretical results
2013-06-29 Jean-Marc Valinintra prob doc: adds references, more on adaptation
2013-06-29 Timothy B. Terriberryintra doc fixes
2013-06-28 Jean-Marc ValinIntra pred doc update
2013-06-24 Jean-Marc ValinJmspeex' Journal of Dubious Theoretical Results
2013-06-21 Jean-Marc ValinSome doc on the quantized RDO curve we could use in...
2013-06-20 Jean-Marc Valinintra mode modelling doc changes
2013-06-19 Nathan E. EggeFixing bug in 2D Cg computation.
2013-06-04 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ doc: Address Tim's comments
2013-06-03 Jean-Marc Valinminor tweak
2013-06-03 Jean-Marc ValinMore PVQ and intra doc
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc ValinDocumentation on intra mode prob modelling
2013-06-01 Nathan E. EggeAdding Mathematica notebooks with the pre/post-filter...
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ encoder doc: model combination
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2013-05-25 Jean-Marc ValinMore editing on pvq encoding doc
2013-05-25 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd initial version of a coding style document.
2013-05-21 Jean-Marc ValinMore PVQ encoding doc
2013-05-17 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ Encoding with Non-Uniform Distribution
2012-11-05 Gregory MaxwellMissing word in the requirements draft, thanks Oggk.
2012-10-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdd -00 version of pvq draft.
2012-10-16 Gregory MaxwellI actually do know my name, I promise. (also, move...
2012-10-15 Nathan E. EggeAdd -00 version of TDLT draft.
2012-10-15 Gregory MaxwellAdd -00 version of requirements draft.
2012-10-15 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd -00 version of codingtools draft.
2012-03-19 Jean-Marc ValinNew PVQ quantizer code
2012-03-17 Jean-Marc ValinMethod for using PVQ on Bi-prediction
2012-03-17 Jean-Marc ValinUpdated PVQ description -- no explicitly coding the...
2012-02-28 Jean-Marc ValinInitial version of the PVQ quantizer
2012-02-22 Ralph GilesInitial import of Timothy Terriberry's daala-exp code.