Eliminate a sqrt in od_compute_dist_8x8().
[daala.git] / ci /
2016-07-28 Tristan MatthewsRevert "clang-ioc.sh: fix deprecation warning"
2016-07-28 Tristan Matthewsclang-ioc.sh: fix deprecation warning
2016-07-09 Thomas DaedeAdd ci script to fetch all test videos.
2016-07-09 Thomas DaedeAllow video path of ci scripts to be set externally.
2016-03-16 Nathan E. EggeAdd test for -fsanatize=address issues in metrics.
2015-09-24 Thomas DaedeAdd Clang AddressSanitizer CI script for Jenkins.
2015-09-21 Timothy B. TerriberryBuild the tools with the unix Makefile.
2015-09-14 Thomas DaedeAdd a 4:4:4 test to Jenkins CI scripts.
2015-06-04 Tristan Matthewsci: add script to validate lossless encode/decode
2015-04-27 Thomas DaedeAdd integer overflow checking CI script.
2015-04-06 Thomas DaedeAdd script to build with clang in Jenkins.
2015-04-03 Thomas DaedeRemove custom libogg path to match Unix makefile build...
2015-03-10 Tristan Matthewsconfigure: add --enable-check-asm option
2014-12-23 Jack MoffittAdds AWCY submission during CI.
2014-12-20 Jack MoffittDisable AWCY on CI. Still not working.
2014-12-19 Jack MoffittRe-enable submission to AWCY during CI.
2014-10-25 Jack MoffittRemove AWCY submission until it works.
2014-10-25 Jack MoffittSubmit latest master to AWCY.
2014-06-13 Gregory MaxwellRename the bit allocation metrics to "accounting".
2013-10-15 Gregory Maxwell[ci] autotools build should also do a non-distcheck...
2013-10-14 Gregory MaxwellRun ci scripts with -e so that failures aren't missed.
2013-10-14 Gregory Maxwell[ci] Enable OD_CHECKASM and assertions and running...
2013-06-12 Gregory MaxwellFix for prior coverage test change.
2013-06-12 Gregory MaxwellCoverage test script improvements.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesBuild the docs as part of the ci/autotools jenkins...
2013-05-30 Gregory MaxwellDisable assertions for coverage analysis.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesMove the scan-build jenkins job into the tree.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesAdd a descriptive comment to the ci/coverage script.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesRemove redundant define from the coverage script.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesMove code coverage jenkins job into the tree.
2013-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'switch_encoding'
2013-05-29 Ralph GilesMove jenkins build scripts into the tree.