Use the same rd_collect parameters as AWCY for AV1.
[daala.git] /
2016-11-22 Thomas DaedeAdd tools/y4m2yuv.c.
2016-08-26 Tristan Matthewspvq: use small LUT for integer sqrt((n+3)/2) sqrt(...
2016-06-07 Thomas DaedeAdd MS-SSIM metric.
2016-05-12 Monty MontgomeryAdd API hooks for rate control
2016-04-27 Luc TrudeauFix undefined reference in make tools with --disable-asm
2016-04-02 Jean-Marc Valinremoves unneeded dependencies for block_size_analysis
2016-02-18 Tristan Matthewstools: add cos_search tool
2016-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinMoving the deringing filter to dering.[ch]
2015-12-11 Tristan Matthewspvq: remove od_apply_qm
2015-12-04 Nathan E. EggeRemoving test_32x32 as it is broken.
2015-11-01 Jean-Marc ValinMoves encoder/decoder-specific PVQ declarations to...
2015-11-01 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves remaining 2D adapt code
2015-11-01 Kyle SiefringAdd satd intrinsics for 4x4 and 8x8.
2015-10-13 Michael BebenitaAdds SIMD code for deringing filter.
2015-10-13 Michael BebenitaFaster block copy functions.
2015-09-26 Luca BarbatoRemove ogg_packet from daala
2015-09-26 Luca Barbatobuild: Conditionally build examples
2015-09-25 Nathan E. EggeAdd tool to compute the Haar DC quantization constants.
2015-09-20 Luca BarbatoDrop a trailing whitespace
2015-09-15 Thomas DaedeFix distcheck on ARM.
2015-09-14 Nathan E. EggeCorrectly detect arm* host CPU.
2015-08-05 Jean-Marc ValinNew accounting framework in the decoder
2015-07-13 Tristan Matthewstools: add daalainfo
2015-07-09 Tristan MatthewsAdd daala_integer.h to Makefiles
2015-06-30 Nathan E. EggeAdd tool to visualize zigzags.
2015-06-30 Nathan E. EggeAdding OD_ZIGZAG64 constants.
2015-06-03 Monty MontgomeryUse six bits to code a log-scale representation of...
2015-06-02 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving the old variable-lapping code
2015-06-02 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves old functions for encoding block size
2015-05-05 Guillaume MartresAdd to_monochrome, downsample and upsample tools
2015-04-28 MisterZeusFormatting-only fix: removes surplus newlines.
2015-04-16 Thomas DaedeDon't link metrics tools to libpng.
2015-04-13 Thomas DaedeClean doxygen_sqlite3.db, generated by newer versions...
2015-03-26 Thomas SzymczakRemove theora things from (fixes #68)
2015-03-23 Jean-Marc ValinTool for computing basis functions
2015-03-03 Nathan E. EggeAdding wxWidgets based stream analyzer.
2015-03-03 Nathan E. EggeAdding zigzag.h to noinst_HEADERS.
2015-02-14 Thomas DaedeFix autoconf scripts to use the necessary compiler...
2015-01-27 Nathan E. EggeRemoved unused fxform32x32 / ixform32x32 functions.
2014-12-08 Tristan Matthewsautotools: fix make distcheck
2014-12-04 Andreas GalAdd AVX2, SSE2, and SSE4.1 8x8 DCT implementation
2014-11-14 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'remove_intra2'
2014-11-11 Jean-Marc ValinRemove frequency-domain intra prediction
2014-10-23 Jack MoffittAdd a 32x32 transform (and inverse).
2014-10-21 Jack MoffittAdd entropy coder accounting support.
2014-09-09 Thomas DaedeRevert changes from previous commit
2014-09-09 Thomas DaedeAdd AVX2 intrinsics detection to autotools
2014-09-09 Tristan Matthewsdoc: fix pdf generation
2014-09-02 Andreas GalAdd SSE2/SSE4.1 version of od_bin_fdct4x4.
2014-08-18 Guillaume MartresAdd runtime configuration of motion compensation search...
2014-07-04 Jean-Marc ValinNew block size encoding scheme based on min/max range
2014-06-13 Gregory MaxwellRename the bit allocation metrics to "accounting".
2014-06-12 Jack MoffittDetect OpenMP correctly.
2014-06-12 Jack MoffittAdd --enable-tools to configure.
2014-06-10 Nathan E. EggeFixing compile error in make debug.
2014-05-09 Gregory MaxwellParallelize vq_train and some minor restructuring.
2014-05-08 Jean-Marc ValinAdds training code for spherical quantizer
2014-04-16 Timothy B. TerriberryFix linking of dcttest with assertions enabled.
2014-04-16 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd the DCT tests to the test suite.
2014-04-16 Timothy B. TerriberryMove newdct.c to dct.c.
2014-02-12 Nathan E. EggeRemove encoding from libdaalabase.
2014-02-07 Timothy B. TerriberryBump up the debugging info level for debug builds.
2014-02-05 Jean-Marc ValinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into monty2
2014-02-05 Monty MontgomeryAddress JM's nits in issue 172 patchset 2
2014-02-05 Monty MontgomeryMore PVQ code movement + code comments
2014-02-05 Monty MontgomeryMinor code refactor + naming + comments
2014-02-04 Jack MoffittConvert from libtheroa to video_input.
2014-02-04 Nathan E. EggeAdding support for jpeg to rd_collect framework.
2014-01-28 Nathan E. EggeAdding BD-rate script to compare two RD-curves.
2014-01-11 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves README.txt from
2014-01-07 Nathan E. EggeRemove redundant DUMP_IMAGES tests from
2014-01-04 Tristan Matthewsencoder: add --enable-encoder-check option
2013-11-03 Suhas NandakumarAdd SSE versions of SAD.
2013-10-15 Nathan E. EggeUpdating Makefile and intradata.c files for real.
2013-10-01 Ralph GilesRemove theora video loader. r=derf,gmaxwell
2013-10-01 Ralph GilesSplit y4m and theora readers into separate files. r...
2013-09-30 Jack MoffittFix warnings about variadic macros.
2013-09-30 Jack MoffittWrite metrics.json with bitrate metrics when --enable...
2013-09-29 Derek Buitenhuisconfigure: Allow the example player to be disabled
2013-09-29 Nathan E. EggeAdding dump_ssim and dump_fastssim tools.
2013-09-04 Nathan E. EggeAdding block mask to intra tools.
2013-06-29 RonMake the parallel test mode of automake 1.13 useable
2013-06-28 RonSeparate the tests for the two different doc types
2013-06-28 RonAdd functioning .pc files for daalaenc/dec
2013-06-21 RonBe consistent with using parentheses for make variables
2013-06-21 RonAdd -pthread to CHECK_CFLAGS if check.pc does not.
2013-06-21 Sebastian DrögeCheck for libm and explicitly link it everywhere it...
2013-06-17 Nathan E. EggePre/post-filter code now operates a SB at a time.
2013-06-09 Monty MontgomeryMerge branch 'master' of
2013-06-09 RonEnable logging in `make debug` too
2013-06-09 RonDon't build the tools by default
2013-06-07 Nathan E. EggeExtending OD_DIVU_DMAX to 64.
2013-06-07 Monty MontgomeryAdd trans_gain tool for coding gain computation with...
2013-06-06 Gregory MaxwellRemove OD_DECODE_IN_ENCODE as we have a working decoder.
2013-06-05 BroossAdd --disable-unit-tests flag to configure.
2013-06-05 Timothy B. TerriberryMake debug target enable assertions properly.
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'master' into bbritain
2013-05-31 Jack MoffittAdd libm to libdaalabase.
2013-05-31 Jack MoffittImplement player_example.
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinBand layouts and zigzag orders for 4x4, 8x8 and 16x16